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Kinesiology is the study of muscle movement. It is a combination of conventional Western techniques and Eastern wisdom, focused on promoting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. It encompasses the disciplines of human anatomy and physiology, including sports physiology, sociology and psychology.

Kinesiology specializes in working on the Brain and Nervous System Functions. It looks at all types of stresses (Structural, Chemical, Emotional and electrical Stress, which causes disease in your body.

Kinesiology helps in more than 80% of all Health Problems. It helps in improving your general healthyour communication with yourself and others, therby improving your quality of life.

For example, it can help.


Everything we do has an effect on the body as a whole. Kinesiology & Neuro-training is used to find how and where a person is unable to adapt to all kinds of different issues and contexts. When a Kinesiologist is faced with pain or a knotted-up muscle they test several muscles for equality of strength on both sides of a joint (or the spine). If they test and find a muscle tests weak on one side of the body compared with the same muscle on the other side, they work with body energy reflexes to restrengthen the weak muscle. Along with mental stress, fears, our diet and daily exercise, many other things affect our muscle balance and hence our energy levels, posture and the way we function and feel. The focus is on better (neurological) solutions, so stress and your learned perception of events is changed and motivation and other life changes are achieved.

Kinesiology & Neuro-training assists you to change your health patterns, as well as how you think, act and respond.

Neuro-Training is a way of helping the client to recuperate from various events in life that has conditioned their nervous system to respond in a predictable way. Neuro-Training is used to train the nervous system into a new set of responses from the inside out.

The Benefits of Neuro-Training are immense, such as:


Kinesiology evolved from the American Chiropractor, George Goodheart in 1964. Kinesiology literally means the study of body movement; It is an approach to balancing the movement and interaction of a person's energy systems. Kinesiology & Neuro-training combines modern Western techniques with ancient Chinese medicine, using muscle testing to detect physical, chemical and emotional imbalances that may be impairing a person. By activating certain points on the body it brings the body and mind back to balance. It allows us to tap into the body's communication system.

Kinesiology & Neuro-training works on your body as being like an electrical circuit board. As with a circuit board, if some of the wires are loose, not connected or not wired properly in the first place then the light bulbs or circuits won't work. If the system is overloaded in some way, then the electrical circuit blows out and doesn't function as it should.

Kinesiology & Neuro-training is a little like rewiring or reconnecting the wires and making sure there is no overload to your system so there is a complete functioning circuit. Your body and mind!

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